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GTA Online's new Tiny Racers mode is a nostalgic throwback to Micro Machines

GTA Online has finally had enough of all this newfangled "camera behind the car" action and is going back to the good old days of top-down racing. The incoming Tiny Racers mode is a nostalgic tribute to racing games like Codemaster's Micro Machines, pulling the camera way up and back to simulate the toy-scale thrills of the olden days.

This is a really clever way to put the impossibly high-flying track design of the Cunning Stunts update to new use. I love how the distant, blurry streets of Los Santos make the whole thing look like a miniature playset. It's also a subtle tribute to the early days of the Grand Theft Auto series, which exclusively used a top-down perspective before GTA 3 came along. You can start playing Tiny Racers when it arrives in GTA Online on Tuesday, April 25.

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Connor Sheridan
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