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GTA 4 and its episodes are now backwards compatible on Xbox One, a world of bowling awaits

Niko, my cousin, want to go bowling - on Xbox One?! Rockstar Games has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 4 and its two standalone DLC episodes are now playable via Xbox One backwards compatibility. If you had save files for the original games uploaded to the Xbox Live Cloud, they'll be waiting for you as soon as you start playing.

All of the various and sundry releases for GTA 4, The Lost & Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony are supported whether you owned them digitally or on disc. They're also available for purchase on the Xbox Store.

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Even if you've put more hours than you'd care to admit into GTA 5 over the last few years, it's still worthwhile to revisit its predecessor. GTA 4 made some interesting choices that Rockstar chose not to repeat in the next full game; much heavier car handling and a depressing-as-hell main story to name a few. At least give The Ballad of Gay Tony a spin if you haven't before. There still isn't anything else like its story of anxious upper class excess (and accompanying club-bouncing, base-jumping action) in video games.

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