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Ghost of Tsushima file size revealed on PlayStation store

(Image credit: Sucker Punch)

The file size for Sucker Punch's upcoming adventure Ghost of Tsushima has appeared on the PlayStation Store

On the storefront page where you can currently get your Ghost of Tsushima preorder, the listing shows the game will clock in at 50GB. All things considered, it's certainly not one of the biggest PS4 install sizes. Especially when compared to some of the more recent releases and upcoming titles.

Take, for example, The Last of Us 2, which is easily one of the largest PS4 exclusives in terms of file size. The store listing for Naughty Dog's sequel recently revealed the game will take up to 100GB on your PS4, meaning many players will probably have to do a spot clearing out to make some room for their upcoming reunion with Ellie. 

With other releases such as the digital version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake taking up a hearty 90GB, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare claiming a hefty amount of room, there's certainly plenty of big games out there to take up your hard drive space pretty quickly. 

Comparatively, Ghost of Tsushima is only half the size of Naughty Dog's epic. During a recent State of Play, we got to see 18 minutes of Ghost of Tsushima gameplay. The stream showed off some of the beautifully detailed environments, combat, and fox petting action we'll be getting up in the near future when the game releases on July 17. 

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