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Gearbox has more plans for Borderlands - new DLC coming?

Borderlands vault hunters may be getting another fix of psycho midgets, skags and Claptraps, as Gearbox Software has stated that they're not yet done playing around in Pandora.

In an interview withNow Gamer, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchfordrevealed that even after developing four DLC packs for its cooperative wasteland adventure, the team still has some ideas about extending the Borderlands experience, saying:

"We were really excited to do more and the customers were really excited about more: We love what we've done with Borderlands and we know that there's more that we need to do and that the customers are looking forward to. We know we're not done with the franchise and we'll be letting you know what we're doing before too long."

It's possible Pitchford could be referring to an entirely new sequel, but considering Gearbox has supported Borderlands this far after its release, it's more likely that we'll be seeing a fifth DLC entry very soon.

You hear that, Bloodwing? More target practice!

Jan 10, 2011

[Source: Now Gamer]

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