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The best Game of Thrones merch to celebrate the end of Season 8

Game of Thrones merch

With Season 8 at an end and the final episode behind us (sob), it’s a good time to fill that Thrones-shaped void in our lives with the best Game of Thrones merch. We’ve gone on a quest worthy of Arya Stark to bring you the coolest stuff in all of Westeros, and you’ll find it below. Our team have also included the top bargains, deals, and offers to save you cash. Just call us the Masters of Coin.

Anyway. Because the show is so earth-shatteringly massive, there’s a lot of Game of Thrones merch to choose from here. Fans can get everything from House sigil mugs to Jon’s Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw. We’ve even seen Thrones-style Whiskey based on each great family of the Seven Kingdoms, and we can confirm that it’s delicious. In other words, there should be something here to suit everyone. They’ll make the perfect gift for yourself or a fellow Thrones fan, too. 

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Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones Funko Pop! Vinyls - characters on The Iron Throne

If you’re into, well, pretty much anything film or TV-related, chances are you’re familiar with Funko Pop! Figures. Thrones boasts a huge number of highly collectable models (here’s a rundown of the rarest) and the latest line is no exception. Just to tease fans even more, a series of characters on the Iron Throne are here -- including The Night King, Tyrion, Jon, Cersei, and Daenerys. Which gets selected for your collection is entirely up to you. Who will actually be sitting on The Iron Throne by the time season eight concludes is still anyone’s guess.

Buy them for $27 each in the US

Buy them for £24.99 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch


"I drink and I know things" copper pint stein

Tyrion Lannister’s penchant for copious amounts of booze goes unrivalled in Westeros. His delight in getting sloshed is all part of his allure; part of what makes him so darn likeable. Celebrate your love of arguably the best Lannister ever with this classy stein to drink your preferred beverage from. It features one of Tyrion’s best one-liners yet, “I drink and I know things”, that’s pretty hard to dispute. After all, you seldom see him journey anywhere in the Seven Kingdoms without a satchel of wine and a good book, do you?

Buy it for $19.99 in the US

Buy it for £19 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch

©Penguin Random House

A Feast of Ice & Fire cookbook

Of all the things George RR Martin’s fantasy epic has given us - blood, guts, endless backstabbing - one of its nicer, more homely aspects is food. Pretty much every Thrones wedding thus far has been decked with enough marinated meat to make Jamie Oliver’s menus seem vegetarian. But it’s not all about carnivores, as shown in this Westerosi-inspired cookbook, bringing to life all sorts of culinary treats from the show. Try making your own version of Hot Pie’s direwolf bread or, as mentioned in the official description, “indulge in honeyfingers with Daenerys Targaryen”. It’s a cookbook, but don’t feign surprise they’ve weedled in a some smut. 

Buy it now: $23.79 in the US

Buy it now: £18.80 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch


Hand of the King bottle opener

As the mantle that’s passed from Jon Arryn to Ned Stark to Tyrion Lannister (now Hand of the Queen), it’s safe to say that the honour of the Hand of the King is, well, a bit risky, to say the least. If you don’t end up poisoned or beheaded, then you’re exiled from your home and ostracised from your family. No wonder Tyrion likes a drink. And that’s what makes this a perfect gift for either yourself or a pal who enjoys a tipple. It’s a reminder that no matter what stresses you’re dealing with, at least you’ve a nifty bottle opener to brighten one of life’s most arduous tasks.

Buy it now $14.99 in the US

Buy it now £9.98 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch

©4D Cityscape

4D Westeros and Essos puzzle

This encapsulates a number of things. Firstly, for anyone who enjoys building Lego, this is a fitting alternative - especially seeing as there are no licensed Lego brands for George RR Martin’s creation. But unlike the brick-building instructional process of Lego, this puzzle serves as a more difficult jigsaw that you can build into a detailed and impressive-looking model. Second, it’s something you can keep for the long term (even in a frame on your wall), as in it’ll never age or become outdated… assuming the Seven Kingdoms aren’t destroyed into a wasteland by the White Walkers.

Buy it for $12.97 in the US

Buy it for £19.99 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch

©The Noble Collection

Iron Throne bookend

With the race to see who can defeat whom on the battlegrounds of King’s Landing, it seems fitting that all eyes are firmly on the Iron Throne. Just who will press their buttocks down upon it - be it an icy or warm-blooded, living one - remains to be seen. So, why not treat yourself to the ultimate bookshelf collectable, with a detailed replica sculpt of the Iron Throne that’ll prop your readings? Yes, it looks stunning. Yes, it’s a tad pricey. And yes, it’s a fine piece of merch to keep those book (optionally of the series) looking neat and presentable.

Buy it for $65 in the US

Buy it for £57.55 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch


Needle cosplay

Ever fancied cosplaying Arya Stark’s vengeance road trip across Westeros? While embarking on a journey or bloody violence and murder isn’t recommended, dressing up as the young Stark assassin could be suitable middleground. And if you’re planning on the transformation, how could you step out of the house without her signature weapon? This foam version of Needle is sturdy enough to go trick or treating with, and to lightly thwok those who give out fruit.

Buy it for $34.95 in the US

Game of Thrones merch

©House Targaryen

 Targaryen wallet

Remember when Jon Snow was stabbed to death by those duplicitous gits from The Night’s Watch? Of course you do. But what we didn’t see onscreen was when those double-crossers went and stole the poor bastard’s wallet. However, little did these traitors realise they were messing a true blood Targaryen and rightful heir to the Iron Throne - oops. But back to reality for a sec, this high quality wallet has an attractive dragon scaling design on the outside, the iconic and familiar Targaryen crest, and enough space for your Westerosi currency and, ahem, Visa debit cards.

Buy it now: £18.99 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch

©Dark Horse

Iron Throne replica model

Having a throne to prop up your books is one thing, but an actual replica of the now iconic sword-welded seat everyone is fighting over would look at home in anyone’s GoT collection. This one, from Dark Horse, is particularly impressive. It’s meticulously made to appear exactly as it does in the show - albeit at just seven inches tall it still looks mightily impressive in any throne room, that’s for sure. While this officially licensed product is small, it’s not cheap but once you see it up close you’ll know it’s worth every penny you’ve drawn from the Iron Bank to afford it.

Buy it for $55.82 in the US

Buy it for £69.87 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch

©4D Cityscape

King's Landing Cityscape puzzle

Yes, another puzzle-type piece but trust me it’s not just something reserved for a rainy day - which was a fair assessment of many childhood afternoons. And ask yourself this: would I fob you off with a boring jigsaw? Of course not, this is the best Game of Thrones merchandise I’m talking about. Build up King’s Landing piece-by-piece in a very ambitious 4-D cityscape that allows you to send anyone you like on that walk of shame. The most interesting detail is the 4th dimension aspect being “time, represented by a poster that details history.” Told you it was ambitious.

Buy it for $29 in the US

Buy it for £11.95 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch

©Trick or Treat Studios

Night King mask

Yeah, this one’s not remotely terrifying, right? Okay, okay, it’s arguably more disturbing than that montage of Samwell Tarly cleaning the latrines. Turning up anywhere (or even just loitering around the house) as The Night King is time well spent for any fan, especially if you can frighten a loved one in the process. With this cunning mask, you won’t have to paint your face with chalk, or spend hours sticking your finger in your eye trying to put those icy blue contacts in. Nope. Simply slip this latex mask over your head and terrify everyone you encounter. 

Buy it for $44.99 in the US

Buy it for £59.99 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch


Hodor door stop

Now THIS is genius. Only a dedicated Thrones fan could cook up a piece of merchandise that takes one of the series’ most heartbreaking moments and transform it into a handy item, ideal for day-to-day use. Hodor’s tragic demise, which revealed that his name was actually a garbled amalgam of “Hold the door”, inspires this door stop. See, he’s saying “hold the door” and this door stop HOLDS THE DOOR! A bit on the nose? Yeah, but it’s reet good.

Buy it for $19.99 in the US

Buy it for £18 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch


Brienne of Tarth Funko Rock candy

A variation on your typical Funko Pop, this is actually a Funko Rock Candy figure. So, what’s the diff? For starters, it’s taller than your average Pop, and that’s kinda important when depicting one of the tallest characters on the show. Yes, this Brienne Rock Candy figure clocks in at 5” and looks lovely displayed, and while it doesn’t quite capture her towering real-life presence it’s a damn good effort, including a completely different face sculpt  from the Pops. In short: add to for your collection, before it’s vaulted. 

Buy it now $10.99  in the US

Buy it now £8.20 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch

©Game of Thrones

The Hound helmet

You’d look great in this The Hound’s helmet. Now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d write today - but man, do I mean it! Arguably, the best Game of Thrones merch is the kinda stuff you can wear on Halloween or, for example, while cleaning the bath. Plus, the cool thing about Sandor Clegane’s chosen piece of headgear is that you can pretend you’re one of the most despised and revered characters in the Game of Thrones universe. You can also pop it on for that inevitable moment he comes face-to-face with his bastard of a brother (who’s now zombified), The Mountain, aka Ser Gregor Clegane.

Buy it now: $53.99 in the US

Buy it now: £39 in the UK

Game of Thrones merch


Game of Thrones Clue/Cluedo

The Monopoly version of Thrones is ideal before or after, and not exclusively to, the post-Christmas dinner snooze. That said, Clue (or Cluedo in the UK) is great any time of the year. So, If you really want to play a game with mum and dad that puts you right in the sex-riddled, crime-ridden heart of Westeros, it’s Game of Thrones Cluedo. I mean, where else do you get to triumph from all the senseless murder that kicks throughout the Seven Kingdoms? Put your sleuthing skills to good use, and say what you wanted to say for the whole of season three: “Littlefinger, poison, wedding.”

Buy it now $39.98 in the US

Buy it now £21.86 in the UK

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