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Freddy Vs Jason review

Billed as the biggest monster mash since Godzilla faced off against King Kong, Freddy Vs Jason is really nothing more than a marketing department's wet dream - - twice the slash for half the cash. First pegged for release in 1998, when Freddy was supposed to turn up in the final reel of Friday The 13th Part VII, this project's been on the back burner ever since - the pieces only falling into place when New Line snapped up the rights to the ongoing Friday saga. When Jason X did surprisingly well at the box office, Freddy Vs Jason was a go.

It's been almost 10 years since Freddy was last let out to play in New Nightmare, and the razor-fingered slasher is a little fed-up. All the residents of Elm Street have forgotten about him, which means he can't invade their dreams anymore. Out of desperation, Freddy revives Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger, who got the job after series regular Kane Hodder was dropped) in order to scare the Elm Street kids (including former Dawson's Creek babe Monica Keena) into thinking the Dream Demon's back in action.

With a plot that daft, no wonder original Elm Street helmer Wes Craven passed on the project. Fortunately Ronny Yu, who cut his teeth on the gag-laden Child's Play sequel Bride Of Chucky, steers Freddy Vs Jason with a steady hand, keeping the action on full scream ahead as Robert Englund trots out all his best Krueger quips. Admittedly things run aground long before the end, but there are a few decent belly laughs en route - - from Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland giving Jason mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (it's best not to ask why) to the outrageously silly finale where the two icons duke it out at Camp Crystal Lake.

Okay, so it's a completely lobotomised horror movie that has as many stupid one-liners as spurting arteries. But what exactly were you expecting - - Edgar Allen Poe?

Monster mash malarkey, but still funny enough to follow in the OTT footsteps of Jason X. Expect Freddy And Michael Myers Vs Jason And Pinhead to follow sometime soon.

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