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First North American 3DS commercial focuses on experience, not games

Nintendo has put up its first TV commercial for the 3DS on YouTube, and it tackles the difficult issue of how to market a product that's all about 3D in a 2D advertisement. As a result, it's heavy on the experience and pretty light on the actual games.

Much of the commercial takes place as though it's being shot from inside the 3DS and looking out at the player, including just a few seconds of a Ryu vs. Chun Li Street Fighter battle. That's the most noticeable 3DS game that actually finds a way into the commercial.

It also takes a very quick look at the system's augmented reality possibilities. Most of the commercial, though, is about creative camera shots, shaking visuals, and trying to present the immersion that is possible in playing a 3D game. It ends with what appears to be Nintendo's tagline for the 3DS - "Take a look inside."

Earlier this month, Nintendo kicked off a3DS tour in major cities across the US. It's a product you have to actually see up close and personal to fully appreciate, so getting consumers exposed to it is paramount for Nintendo. The company plans to have an extensive rollout of kiosks in retail stores nationwide. For now, those in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco can find dedicated demo displays at major hot spots in the city.

For everyone else, here's a taste of the 3DS, courtesy of Nintendo's official 3DS YouTube channel:

Mar 15, 2011

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