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Final Robin Hood trailer revealed

Universal Pictures have pulled out all the stops with their final two and half minute trailer for Robin Hood .

Having previously released teasing, flashy glimpses that everybody instantly likened to Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe’s previous Gladiator , the studio have here revealed a glut of new footage and information.

More of the film’s plot is revealed, which seems to adhere pretty strictly to the pre-existing legend, while we get a good look at Mark Strong’s villainous Sir Godfrey.

“In the name of King John, pay or burn!” Godfrey yells in demand of the peoples’ taxes. It’s set in 13th century Nottingham, where expert archer Robin and his band of marauders refuse to be pushed around by the new king’s corrupt forces.

But as he attempts to overthrow King John, Robin has to earn the trust of Lady Marion, who is sceptical of his motivations.

Cate Blanchett channels her Elizabeth mettle into Lady Marion (she sleeps with a dagger, evidently), and there are fights in woods, in castles, and on the beach.

Take a look here...

Yep, it still looks like Gladiator In Tights , but what’s wrong with that? We loved Gladiator , which means we’re likely to love this as well. And Cate Blanchett in a suit of armour is always cool. Let’s just hope Russell Crowe isn’t forced to give too many rousing speeches.

Robin Hood hits screens on 14 May.

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