"Final Fantasy should come to Xbox 360," says Sakaguchi

After leaving the company to bring his RPG duo Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey to Xbox 360, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi says that Square Enix should bring Final Fantasy to Microsoft's console.

The Mistwalker boss told GameSpot: "I feel that the Final Fantasy series should come to Xbox 360 as well. This is wise. It makes so much sense to me... it has so much potential in North America and in Europe. So there's a great chance for the series to succeed on 360 as well."

Continuing the chat, Sakaguchi suggested that Square Enix could port its upcoming PS3 installment Final Fantasy XIII to 360 fairly simply, because "they made the White Engine open platform."

To date Square Enix's support for the Xbox 360 has been fairly weak. A port of the 11th Final Fantasy has so far been the only one of the company's titles to make it over, but with the current trend of cross-platform development we wouldn't rule out the idea of Final Fantasy XIII on 360.

Sakaguchi's latest, Blue Dragon, wasrecently confirmedfor release in August, withtalk of a demoin June.

March 19, 2007