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FaZe releases horror movie Crimson later this month

(Image credit: FaZe)

If conquering the world of esports wasn't big enough for them, FaZe has now apparently pivoted into movie production, and their first production is a horror movie starring FaZe Rug.

You can see the trailer for Crimson just below, FaZe's debut venture into feature films. The concept for Crimson is this: it stars FaZe Rug as himself, moving into a multi-million dollar home after his success as an influencer (as you do). What begins as another YouTube vlog highlighting his new house turns into a horror movie thanks to his neighbors.

This new movie starring FaZe Rug is directed by Gregory Plotkin, who actually has a fair new notches on his horror belt. Plotkin's worked as an editor on films like Happy Death Day, Get Out, and a number of the Paranormal Activity movies.

Rug has actually put out a small statement on Twitter shortly after the trailer for Crimson went live over the weekend. The statement pushes back against people calling the venture a "low budget movie" as Rug reminds everyone that "we all start somewhere."

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Crimson is actually a collaboration between FaZe and Invisible Narratives. The latter production company will distribute the movie on later this month on October 29, just before Halloween on October 31.

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