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Fast Five trailer revs up

Fast Five

The first trailer for Fast Five , the fifth entry in the Fast & Furious film franchise, has landed online.

And yes, it’s basically porn for car-lovers, with all manner of rubber-burning antics crashing around on-screen.

The plot follows Dwayne Johnson’s federal agent, who’s on the tail of former cop Paul Walker and ex-con Vin Diesel. They’ve paired up and are after that elusive “final job” to set them up for life.

Check out the trailer below…

See. Motoporn. Not that that’s a surprise. Still, the action is definitely the star of this fourth sequel in the franchise.

With the cast spewing ridiculous dialogue (Johnson’s “never let them get into cars” is only trumped by Diesel’s awful “you’re in my world now”), this is big budget B-movie nonsense. And we’re sure it’ll make a tonne of cash.

Fast Five opens 10 June, 2011.