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Exclusive featurette on The Wolverine's Harada reveals new footage: watch now

The Wolverine has released a new featurette on a key villain, and you can see it exclusively here.

Setting its sights on Harada (Will Yun Lee), Wolvie's nemesis in the standalone sequel, the video reveals new footage of the badass ninja in action. Bows and arrows have had something of a cinematic resurgence of late, a tradition that's kept alive here.

Lee also discusses his character in the featurette, explaining why he's a thorn in the clawed mutant's side.

In comics lore, Harada goes on to become iconic villain Silver Samurai, although it hasn't yet been confirmed for sure that he'll have the same fate in the film. That hasn't stopped the speculation though...

Watch the exclusive Wolverine featurette below now: