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Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma confirmed for SSFIV Arcade Edition

Confirming last week’s rumblings that Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma would be included in Arcade Editon (via an unconfirmed leaked achievements list), Capcom has released a new trailer for SSFIV Arcade Edition featuring both of the uber-chracters. While there’s no gameplay footage of them in action, there’s profile art of them at the end of the trailer. The trailer still refers to the character roster as having 37 characters though, so don’t expect these two to be playable.

The trailer also has some footage of new characters Yun and Yang in action, showing off their "Genei-jin" Super attacks that allow for extended combos. While we're a little hesitant about why we needed two more combo-centric characters with dive kicks, they seem loyal to their Street Fighter 3 roots.The trailer also details some arcade only features, including some sort of synch function with your iPhone that tracks your win/loss record and provides special challenges (like getting a perfect) for you to attempt during live matches. While you'd have to be pretty darn confident to saunter into a Japanese arcade and try to tick off your challenge checklist while simultaneously beating some of the world's best players, it's a neat touch that adds the Achievement/Trophy dangling carrot effect to an arcade game. As expected, the game also includes new titles and ranks to customize your gamer card with.

While it's unlikely Capcom will bring over SSFIV Arcade Edition cabinets to America's dwindling arcade scene (especially these fancy new ones that synch with your iPhone), it's a no-brainer that it's coming to consoles despite Producer Yoshinori Ono's endless Twitter trolling.

Dec 3, 2010

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