Every Scott Pilgrim vs The World videogame reference

Above: Speaking of Ramona, the object of Scott’s affection changes her hair three times during the film. Purple, Blue, and Green: the same colors of the Three Goddesses of Hyrule who represent the three sections (Wisdom, Power, and Courage) of the Triforce in The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Above: An Ocarina reference shouldn’t surprise anyone. Young Neil’s obviously a fan of the platform as well as the Zelda series

Above: Numerous foreboding Xs appear throughout the film, but many gamers believe that the one Scott and Ramona walk through is a direct reference to the Xenogears logo. Why not?!

Above: Just as Mario traveled through a star door into “Sub-Space” in Super Mario Bros 2, so too do Scott and Ramona in this life-affirming double reference

Above: Even in the face of impending doom, Scott still pauses to play the bass line from Final Fantasy II (IV), notorious for being one of the easiest bass licks known to man

Above: Many were reminded of Postal 2’s regenerating piss ability during the scene where Scott relieves himself before falling into a trance…

Above: In a beautiful move of pure fan service, Edgar Wright convinced Nintendo to not only let him use the Fairy Fountain tune from the Zelda series during this dream sequence, the song was re-orchestrated for the film with actual singers!

Above: Sex Bob-omb’s Battle of the Bands rival is named for Crash N’ The Boys, a sports/street thug game for the NES

Above: Wallace beckons for Scott to “FIGHT!” in a manner not unlike the many ways gamers have been called into battle throughout the last few decades. Please see our “15 years of FIGHT” video for further proof

Above: The punch delivered to first Evil Ex, Matthew Pattel borrows more than a little inspiration from a certain Dragon Punch…

Above: And if that connection weren’t clear enough, the “KO!” sound effect used in the film is taken directly from the cornball announcer from Street Fighter Alpha 3