Every Scott Pilgrim vs The World videogame reference

Above: Seriously, screw you

Luckily, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World hits DVD and Blu-ray this November 9th, so not only do you have a chance to redeem yourselves, hopefully the home format of Scott Pilgrim will finally bring it the audience it truly deserves.

Don’t listen to the haters: It’s not a film about hipsters, nor does it pander to players. Based on the already incredible graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley, the director of Shaun of Dead and Hot Fuzz put together a uniquely paced story about an immature guy trying to break down the defenses of a girl he can’t quite figure out, set it in some hyper-idealized, post-high school utopia where games and rock shows remain the utmost importance (Toronto?), and it just so happens to be the best videogame movie ever made… in spite of not being based on any specific game or series in particular. You’ll get a better sense of what that means after watching the movie’s opening:

And here’s what I love about the film: As gamers are want to do, many were quick to jump on message boards with “LOL, there’s no cartridge in the DS. Stupid Hollywood!” disregards, anxious to point out VG inaccuracies starting with Young Neil’s empty Nintendo handheld.

Above: The Phantom Cartridge?! No…

But right from the get go, Scot Pilgrim’s got its ass covered! It’s actually being incredibly accurate. There is no version of Link to the Past on DS, however, there was one released on GBA in 2002 (featuring Four Swords multiplay.) Look closely and you’ll see that’s the exact version Neil is playing while he fumbles the DS around talking to Knives.

Above: How’s that for fan service, bitches?!

You gotta love that Scott Pilgrim for kicking things off with something so authentic, it actually confused fanboys. And the references don’t come close to stopping there. Get ready, because we’ve combed through the Blu-ray and we’re going to show you everything we can find. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Above: Outside of certain Spyro titles, most of us have never seen the Universal logo in any pixilated fashion. Its interactive wing rightly balked at appearing before early games like the Atari’s E.T., and I think we all can agree Scott Pilgrim’s version beats the hell out of the gaudy 90’s version that appeared before 3DO classics like Way of the Warrior

Above: Scott’s band’s name is derived from the Bomb-omb, the explosive little frienemy introduced in Super Mario Bros. 2…

Above: But the logo on Kim’s drum kit is clearly inspired by the famous emblem in Croteam’s Serious Sam series

Above: Scott calls the first song “Launchpad McQuack” although Stephen Stills is quick to debunk that title (it’s listed as “We Are Sex Bob-omb” on the on the
film’s soundtrack)

Above: Like the second book in the Scott Pilgrim series, the title references 1991’s horrible Simpsons NES game, Bart vs. The World, albeit in name alone

Above: Further proof that the movie knows its business, Scott’s roommate Wallace Wells is the proud owner of a Nintendo Entertainment System and a Super NES

Above: Scott’s younger sister, Stacy contains an ESRB compatible description

Above: Scott takes Knives on a date to an arcade adorned with many real-life Namco arcade games. However the one they play “Ninja Ninja Revolution” is fictitious, although obviously inspired by Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution

Above: Part of getting wooed by Scott Pilgrim involves hearing the gripping origins of Pac-Man, which you can currently read more about in every tenth feature GamesRadar posts

Above: Scott is haunted by his ex girlfriend Envy, who currently fronts up-and-coming band, The Clash at Demonhead, named for a largely forgotten NES game