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Enslaved Mask Location Guide

Mask 10: For this first mask, after you hop across the branches near the start, you will come to a bridge control that lowers the bridge allowing Trip to cross. Before you lower it, head across the bridge to the rope on the far side and climb up it to reach a ledge where the mask is. Sneaky sneaky!

Mask 11: For the second mask, you will fight a swarm of mechs after Trip takes a hike and you come to door blockage that you need to lift to get through. Once you lift it with your monkey manliness, climb the roots in front of you and head to the top plateau. Fight another group of mechs and then hop off the left side edge to find another ledge below where the mask is. It took me a good long time before Monkey decided he wanted to jump down off the ledge to the mask below, so if you have trouble with it, keep trying till he does.

Chapter 7: Finding Trip

Mask 12: At the start of the mission, follow the path around the bend and there will be a pole on the left hand side, opposite from an umbrella. Hop up it and across the girders and rocks to the next platform above. Follow it around the corner and the first mask of this mission will be there beside a small hut and satellite dish, catching a view of the scenery from the cliff edge.

Mask 13: For the next mask, you will come to a set of buildings and a load of mechs that are both on the ground and on walkways above the ground. Move forward collecting the plasma and stun charges and eventually you will come to an alley one the left that will allow you to go behind one of the building. There will be the mask just hanging out, waiting for you, checking its watch, wondering what took you so long.

Chapter 8: Gaining Access

Mask 14: Mask numero uno – that’s sexy talk for mask number one – Trip will head for a gate that leads out of the area. Before going with her, go to the left of the gare and there will be an opening that leads down an alleyway. Follow it to the end to grab the mask there.

Mask 15: To get the second mask, it can be a little tricky. Once you reach the large windmill and get it spinning, there will be three fan blades and two buildings, one on each side of the mill. Facing the back of the mill, go to the right side structure and stop the fan when the bar on the full fan blade is across from you. Hop on it and then stop it when it is at the red structure, the building on the left of the mill. Start it up again while you are on the platform and wait for the fan blade to come around that has the bar in the center of the edge of the blade, not one at either end. When it comes, stop it and hop on and then ride it back to the structure on the right. Stop it there and hop off and you will be on the top level where the mask is.

Chapter 9: The Wasteland

Mask 16: Right at the start of the mission, Trip will say “follow me” and head down a ramp on the right. Be stubborn and don’t follow her and instead go to the left. There will be an opening there between two rock walls that lead to a mask. Now that you have made your point that you won’t be bossed around, you can go ahead and follow her.

Mask 17: Later on in the level, after you take out the two turrets and hop back in the boat, you will come to another part where you will need to hop off and “get dis junk outta da way.” As soon as you hop off the boat, the mask will be right in front of you, greeting you dockside like a lonely wife.

Chapter 10: The Titan Factory

Mask 18: After the race to the top of the tower and once you enter the factory to get the third part that Pigsy needs, you’ll need to make your way past some spinning gears. Trip will activate some hydraulics that you can climb. Hop to the platform that Trip and Piggsy are on and then head back the opposite way that they want to go. You’ll be back where you started when you first entered and will find the mask there.