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Earth One Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman crossover inevitable according to Grant Morrison

Earth One
(Image credit: Gary Frank (DC))

After the conclusion of their 11-year epic with the third volume of Wonder Woman: Earth One, we asked Grant Morrison what they see as the future of this line/universe - and it’s big.

(Image credit: Yanick Paquette/Nathan Fairbairn/Todd Klein (DC))

"I think someone will consolidate it, eventually, and it will become part of the Omniverse. I mean, that's what happens. It's all been quite successful so I have to imagine my Wonder Woman is eventually going to take place in the same world as Superman," Morrison tells Newsarama's Grant DeArmitt. "There's always going to be someone smart like Geoff Johns who can make those connections, so I think it will eventually be absorbed."

Originally launched in 2009, DC's Earth One line is a new-reader-friendly updated retelling of DC characters' origins. Considered at its launch as somewhat of an answer to Marvel's Ultimate line, Earth One differentiated itself by presenting its updated stories as original graphic novels instead of single-issue monthly comic books.

Morrison and artist Yanick Paquette's Wonder Woman saga took place over centuries, and in that, the writer sees ample room for crossovers.

"Even though Yanick and I brought our story to its definite conclusion, there are clearly a thousand years in there between what we see happening in the current day and what we see in the future," they say. "I mean, Diana is still operating in the future. In fact, she seems to be an agent of the loving authority. Somewhere in there, I think there's room for all kinds of adventures with this Wonder Woman. We'll be able to connect that with the other characters, so I'm absolutely sure that will happen."

Earth One

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To date, DC has released volumes for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Teen Titans, in addition to Wonder Woman, of course.

Back in late 2020, DC's publisher/chief creative officer Jim Lee said more 'Earth One' series are planned beyond the aforementioned Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume 3 and the upcoming third volume of Batman: Earth One.

"We are still publishing the Earth One series, they're just not on a super regular schedule," Lee said. "Because we reached out to top creators and gave them the time to tell their stories. Whenever they finish their projects, we take them, package them, and publish them."

In 2015, DC announced two Earth One OGNs that have yet to come out and which could be what Lee was referring to. Those were Aquaman: Earth One by writer/artist Francis Manapul and The Flash: Earth One by writer J. Michael Straczynski.

Read more about the upcoming third volume of Batman: Earth One here.

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