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EA is giving away Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC for free

EA's continuing its Road To Battlefield promotion with even more free DLC. Battlefield 4's Final Stand add on is now available for a total of no money across all platforms (including PS3 and Xbox 360) but it's only for a limited time. The promo stops on May 24, so get onto PSN, Xbox Live or Origin before that to snare your freebies. You will obviously need Battlefield 4 to join in. 

Final Stand moves the action into the blizzards of Russia where you can try a snowmobile for size or test out an experimental hover tanks.  There's also bonus futuristic gadgets to test such as a machine gun equipped drone and a new DS-3 Decoy Signal. A bonus Community Mission will also be available until May 24. Score 500,000 with bow kills on any Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map and you'll be awarded a shiny gold battlepack.

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