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E3 leaks continue with Dead Rising 4 footage and a ReCore release date

Can we just rename E3 to Leak Week? Because seriously, this is getting ridiculous. NeoGAF user Gwyn purports to have seen footage of Xbox One games Dead Rising 4 and ReCore. He or she has uploaded several images and gifs of the former, as well as a release date of the latter, onto the famous discussion board. If you want to save your surprise for Microsoft's actual press conference, turn back now.

Still here? Okay. Here's your first look at Dead Rising 4 in action: 

As for ReCore, Gwyn claims that the game will come to North America on Sept. 13, 2016, Japan on Sept. 15, 2016, and Europe on Sept. 16, 2015. No sweet "ripping zombies in half" footage from that game, but Gwyn did share an image of the game's heroine attaching some sort of grappling tether onto… something.

Anyone else feeling like a kid that peeked at their presents early?

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Update: And here's the official Dead Rising 4 trailer:

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