E3 2010: Ubisoft announces Michael Jackson game – dance battle ensues

Grab your zippered red leather and get to moon walking people, because this is war. Less than 24 hours after Microsoft revealed that its motion-sensitive baby Project Natal would be renamed Kinect, we have not one, but two dancing games competing to make you look like a doofus in your living room.

The first, Dance Central, is coming from Harmonix. However, you had to know that Sony, which owns Michael Jackson%26rsquo;s catalog, was about as likely to give Microsoft access to the King of Pop%26rsquo;s tunes as Lady Gaga showing up to a concert in curlers and sweat pants. Instead, they appear to have cut a deal with publisher Ubisoft to create an entire Kinect game centered around Michael Jackson%26rsquo;s music, mainly singing and dancing to it.

Aaaaannnnddddd%26hellip; that%26rsquo;s about all we know at this point. The game%26rsquo;s name might actually be Michael Jackson, if the screen at Ubisoft%26rsquo;s press conference is to be trusted. It might be something else. But it will clearly have the song %26ldquo;Beat It%26rdquo; somewhere on its soundtrack, and it%26rsquo;s an iron-clad certainty that you will not look as good while playing it as you think you do when it comes out in winter this year.

June 14, 2010