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E3 2010: Gorgeous Crysis 2 gameplay gives you both strength and stealth [VIDEO]

Wow. We just got an extended hands on with the sci-fi first-person shooter Crysis 2 and it’s actually tough to isolate just what the best thing about it is. We’ve got a full producer interview below, but here’s our take on it.

Above: Property values in NYC will never recover after Crysis 2

Is it the graphics? Possibly. This is an absolute monster visually. The enemies are intricately modeled and move with both grace and mass – they simply look real. Add to that gorgeous lighting, beautifully deformable terrain, and some of the prettiest explosions you’ll ever see, and it’s clear this will be one of the most visually stunning games of the year.

Is it the gameplay? Might be, yeah. While you’re following a definite storyline, the way you achieve particular objectives is pretty wide open. Your super-suit can toggle between super armor and strength or enhanced speed and an invisibility cloak. So, for instance, when we were faced with getting across a raised highway guarded by tons of high-powered enemies, we had the option of cloaking and sneaking, ducking in and out of bombed-out office buildings and knocking out enemies with one-hit stealth kills in addition to guns. Or, we could have armored up and gone right up the middle, kicking taxi cabs into the air to clear our path (even shooting them in midair to detonate them like a four-wheeled bomb). And there are the occasional exploding fuel tanks as well. Those help.

Above: Imagine this, BUT IN 3D

Is it the enemies? Maybe. These guys are both clever and well-equipped. Lower-level targets will try to sneak behind you, or run away if they’re overmatched. And larger enemies include the Pinger – a very cuddly name for a two-story battle bot with incredibly destructive firepower – which will actually send out an area-effect attack that can knock you out of both your stealth mode and cover.

Is it the 3D? If you’re excited about 3D, then yes. You can shut it off in the options menu if you like, or you can play with it on and realize how much easier it makes navigating your environment and judging distances – which is very helpful when you’re desperately trying to hit a two-story battle bot with a grenade launcher from as far away as humanly possible.

Screw it – it’s all good.

Jun 16, 2010

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