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Dishonored - 26 things to do in the first hour

20. Read the graffiti

This makes us think of Blackadder III and the Prince Regent. "Oh, you've met him then?"

21. Check the grates

You'll notice that bodies travel with the current when in water. So make sure you check out all the gratings at the end of waterways. Some bodies are already floating there, and they've got gold on them if you loot them with X.

22. Open Jelly's safe

You'll find a note to a guy named Jelly, telling him to remember his Whiskey if he needed to remember. It's slightly cryptic, but refers to the empty bottles of Whiskey above this sign. Behind them is the combination for the safe that's lying on the ground. Open it up and take the loot. Jelly won't miss it now.

23. Find the Hermit's den

This is right near the end of the sewer section. See those planks? Smash them with your sword and you'll discover the Hermit's home. There's a modest amount of loot inside, but it counts as a special objective in the final summary.

24. Eat from a dumpster

Admit it - we saw you eat the 'mouldy pear' that you found in the sewer a few minutes ago, so tinned food from a dumpster is basically luxury cuisine.

25. Plunder sunken treasure

Ahar, me hearties etc. This is just underwater to the right as you emerge from the sewer. Watch out for the fish, though - they've got very nasty bites.

26. Get all the gold

We searched every nook and cranny and still didn't find all the gold, only managing 922 coins out of a possible 1010. Can you? Incredible to think there's so much to do in this small introduction that somehow doesn't even feature the game's biggest features! This is going to be good...

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