Dishonored - 26 things to do in the first hour

10. Start a proper brawl

Guards with guns aren't much fun to fight as it's usually over pretty quickly one way or another. Guards with swords, though? See if you can break a window with a knock-back.

11. Create a homage to Street Fighter II

Crates smash in a very satisfying manner when you knock a guard into them. Yes, we'll call you Guile.

12: French kiss an exploding bomb

At the end of the prison section, you have to plant a bomb to get through some doors. Incredibly, if you have any decent level of health remaining when you do, you can stand with your nose on the device and survive the blast.

13. Make your last stand

Once you've blown up the door, all the guards will go on alert and start endlessly pouring into the room. You're supposed to leap from the drawbridge and swim to the safety of the sewers, but instead, why not hang around and see how long you can last trying to fight them off? It's like the 5-star wanted level on GTA, just with fewer tanks.

14. Go where you shouldn't

If you do choose to try surviving a bomb at point blank range, sprint immediately forwards as it goes off. The drawbridge should still be coming up as you reach it. Jump once with A, then keep pressing it repeatedly to trigger the 'climb onto' vault command. With a bit of luck, you'll climb onto the rising drawbridge and beyond. There's nothing to do on the far side, but so what? You won!

15. Watch two guys get devoured by rats

Make sure you look downwards at this point. The guards are coming after you, but they hadn't banked on meeting a swarm of rats. A swarm? A herd of rats... No, a gaggle... OK, look - a *lot* of rats. They are overwhelmed, get killed, then have the flesh stripped from their bodies, before being devoured completely. Eeew.

16. Watch the vertical influx of dead people

There's a plague sweeping through the city and the dead are being thrown down into the sewers by the less scrupulous guards. You can watch them falling into this room from the pipe above.

17: Marvel at the rats

Look at 'em all! The trick in this room is to throw the dead bodies down for the rats to feast on so that you can turn the crank handle and move on to the next section. Of course, you can shoot them or cut them up with your sword if you like, but it's a dangerous game.

18. Get eaten by the rats

Mess around with a swarm of cute little ratties for too long and you will succumb to them. We caught this freeze-frame on our screenshot grabber. At that angle, he's probably eating your brain. And what do we call rats who eat brains? Brats.

19. Make it look like an accident

No-one will ever fall for it, but you can shoot a dart up a dead guard's nose to make it look like dubious personal hygiene habits caused his untimely demise.

Justin Towell

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