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Discover the 100 greatest Xbox games you can play right now in the latest issue of OXM

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Is Halo: Combat Evolved the greatest Xbox game of all time? Which Gears of War is better than all the rest? And does Red Dead Redemption 2 deserve to be ranked above GTA 5? 

These are the questions that Official Xbox Magazine has been grappling over for its latest issue (out now!), in which the 100 best Xbox games that you can play on Xbox One have been ranked from top to bottom for your reading pleasure. 

We're not going to reveal the official results here, but let's just say that fans of Halo, Dark Souls, and Mass Effect are going to be very, very happy with the final rankings...

It's the kind of list that's going to spark debate no matter where your tastes lie, but this definitive countdown has given careful consideration to every title in the Xbox One library, including Xbox exclusives, backwards compatibility games from the Xbox and Xbox 360 era, and a number of multi-platform titles, from blockbuster hits to lesser known indies. 

That covers all bases, then, and we hope you'll find your favourite Xbox game snuck somewhere at the appropriate level in this list, but feel free to let us know your personal top ten in the comments below or, better yet, grab OXM Issue 182, check out the full hierarchy, and write back to let us know whether we got it right or not.

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