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Deux Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary is a preview of our augmented future

We may be a decade or two away from equipping real world Reflex Boosters, Sarif Series 8 Energy Converters and Icarus Landing Systems, but as Square Enix's newly released documentary on modern day cyborgs demonstrates, the futuristic world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution may be way more science than fiction.

Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary was produced to augment the arrival of Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It was made by Toronto filmmaker Rob 'Eyeborg' Spence who – as his name subtly suggests – became something of a first generation cyborg himself after replacing a lost eye with a rudimentary camera system that transmits wireless RX signals to a nearby receiver, allowing him to live stream and record everything he sees.

The doc is a refreshing detour from Deus Ex's marketing campaign, as it trades slick fuax-Sarif Industries ads for an uplifting look at real people benefitting from advances in prosthetic limbs, augmented reality and artificial sight restoration. Still, child-like wonder aside, one can't help get the creepy feeling Eyeborg's interviews will one day resurface as stock footage in a future documentary on “The Leaders of the Cyborg Armageddon”.

Aug 26, 2011