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Every Pokemon confirmed to appear in the Detective Pikachu movie

The second official Detective Pikachu trailer is two seconds longer than the first, which means two seconds more of potential Pokemon appearances! Watch the second official trailer below, then check our list to see if you missed any Pokemon.

Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #2


The first new Pokemon we see is a bunch of Joltik scurrying across some telephone wires.


Ludicolo is seen working behind the bar, serving Pikachu coffee. That fur looks so soft!


Charizard features a lot in this trailer, but the first we see of the fiery beast is a close-up with its trainer.


There's a lot to unpack in this scene. First up is an enormous Golurk working as security at the police station. It's a much different shade of grey to the sprite seen in the games though.


Walking alongside two police officers are two Growlithe. Who's a good boy?


The evolution of Growlithe - Arcanine - can also be seen next to another Golurk closer to the RCPD doors. Arcanine's a good boy!


On the far right-hand side of the screen, there's a Slaking lounging in the distance. There's also a Squirtle and a Charmander in this scene, but they were in the last trailer.


As the cyclist passes by at the start of the shot, there's an Emolga sat in the basket.


Behind a second Arcanine on the right of the shot, you can just about make out the claws of a Kingler.


There's also another Audino walking along near the Slaking.


In typical Snorlax fashion, there's one asleep in the middle of the road in the next scene.


Meanwhile, a Machamp directs traffic. That must be easy with four arms.


Pancham makes another appearance walking alongside a woman crossing the street.


In the far background, you can very faintly make out a Pangoro walking away from the shot.


Jigglypuff makes a reappearance on the steps to the right.


Emolga's there again, sat on top of a bus stop.


Golurk makes another appearance in the background at the start of the shot.

Scraggy (sign)

Behind the Machamp, there's a Scraggy face on a roadsign.

Dugtrio (sign)

Underneath the Scraggy sign is a minimalistic Dugtrio sign, albeit with one part blue.

Poliwag (sign)

Alright, this one is somewhat of a stretch, but underneath the Dugtrio sign is another sign that features the swirls from Poliwag's belly.

Jolteon (sign)

On the far right-hand side of the shot is a sign featuring Jolteon.

Lunatone (sign)

There's another sign in the background with a Lunatone face on.


This one's pretty hard to spot, but there's a Snubbull tucked away in the next shot.


Next up is a close-up of a Bulbasaur face.


Aaaaaaaaaaand there's Lickitung. Eugh.

Noctowl (sign)

Next up is a Noctowl represented by a neon sign for a coffee shop.


After the shot from the first trailer of Bulbasaur and Morelull in the stream, there's some more Comfey pictured up in the leaves.


Next to the Comfey are a bunch of Wurmple.


We then see Lucy again, with her Psyduck on her back.


Followed by a creepy shot of a Greninja hand emerging from a containment unit.


In the next scene, you can just about make out a Pidgeot walking along the ground.


There's also a Machoke acting as a bouncer for the building.


Jigglypuff is here again, but this time in the crowd trying to get in. It's a mystery how people don't trip over it.


When the shot cuts to inside the battle arena, there's a lot of Loudred either side of the DJ booth.


Inside the arena, there's a Gengar using Double Team against...


...Blastoise! The final evolution of Squirtle is using Rapid Spin to fight the multiple apparitions of Gengar.


Underneath all the Loudred is a fish tank with a single Magikarp inside. Imagine if it evolved while in the tank.


In the next shot, Cubone bursts out of a Poke Ball, ready to take on the world.

Palkia, Dialga & Arceus (statues)

The Gen 4 legendaries are pictured as statues behind a Pokemon evolving.


And that Pokemon was an Eevee turning into a Flareon!


There's another shot of two Greninja fighting in a lab next. Here I always thought Greninja would be a friendly Pokemon.


Some very furious Aipom are chasing Tim & Pikachu in the next scene.


Then after a few action shots of Pikachu using his powers, we get a much closer look at a vicious Aipom. Those teeth.


The next shot we get of some new Pokemon is after Pikachu enters the battle arena, there's a Rattata gnawing at the fence in the bottom left.


We also see another Charmander on the right-side of the screen watching the battle.


With our first look at a Treecko sat above the Charmander.


And there's another Pancham, this time climbing the fences.


The next shot, where Pikachu can't perform his attacks in the arena, has a bunch more Pokemon watching on. Starting in the bottom left is a Jigglypuff.


Lickitung is higher up.


And below it is our first look at Octillery.


There's also another Audino in the crowd.


A Squirtle is watching on too.


Finally, there's a Growlithe. Could it be owned by a police officer, there to enforce the law if any trouble starts?


I think this is a Slaking stood up against the fence, but it could also be a Pangoro. Either way, it's big and hairy and it it sat on you, it would probably hurt.


We get to see plenty of Charizard in this trailer, but one of the best shots is when it bursts through the gate into the arena.


Just before Charizard sets Pikachu alight, we get to see another shot of Braviary in the crowd, looking majestic.


Sneasel can also be seen between two spectators to the left of Charizard.


Next up is a lot more Aipom causing some mischief.


Followed by even more Greninja soaring through the air.


Then there's a very ominous shot of Mewtwo, the obvious evil force behind everything. Who'd a thunk it, eh?

Mr. Mime

After a few more shots of Pikachu, Mr. Mime shows up again struggling to get away from Tim & Pikachu.

Did you spot all of the Pokemon yourself? Keep your eyes peeled for our in-depth look at the third official Detective Pikachu trailer when it's released.