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Destiny 2 hid a new emblem in some weapon teasers – here's how to claim it yourself

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

The redemption code for a new Destiny 2 emblem was slipped into a few weapon teasers released on Twitter, and with the last few digits finally out, you can claim the emblem for yourself.

If you're just here for the emblem code, here it is: L7T-CVV-3RD. Pop that into the code redemption field on Bungie's website to claim the Heliotrope Warren emblem. You can check it out via Destiny Emblem Collector, and you can collect it in-game straight from your collections tab. It's on the first page of the general section of emblems. 

The code for this emblem was sprinkled into three posts showcasing the guns in the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary bundle, with many Destiny 2 Halo guns among them. Look for the characters above the sword in this post, below Gjallarhorn in this post, and to the bottom-right of the grenade launcher in this post

The code fragments aren't particularly hard to find, so this was more of a waiting game than anything. And even then, Bungie straight up told players to take another look at those weapon teasers, so it was a simple Easter egg hunt by any game's standards, let alone Destiny's. This is the game that forced players to do complex math at four in the morning to crack algorithms and images just to unlock a raid Exotic, and don't even get started on the Saint-14 math. An emblem is an appropriately minor reward for such quick sleuthing, but hey, free cosmetics are free cosmetics.

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