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Destiny 2 has 4 new worlds, a better map to guide you, and no more going to Orbit so LESS LOADING

Destiny 2 will take you to strange parts of new and old worlds, and this time you'll have a way better map to find your way. Bungie revealed the first four worlds and the revised Director coming to Destiny 2 as part of its grand reveal event and it all looks very inviting.

Earth is once again where your Guardian's story will begin, but this time you'll head west of Old Russia to the European Dead Zone. This is where humanity has made its first major encampment after fleeing the destruction of the Citadel.

Later you'll track Zavala and Ikora Rey to new zones on Titan and Io respectively.

Lastly there's Nessus, a planetoid which is being transformed into a Vex machine world.

With all those new places to explore, you'll be thankful to know that the Director has received some clutch improvements. First off, it actually shows you where stuff is while you're exploring the world now, and you can even apply filters just to the stuff you're currently interested in, like Public Events. Even better, you no longer have to go to orbit before heading to a new location. Yes, that means the number of load screens you have to sit through will be roughly cut in half.

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Connor Sheridan
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