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Destiny 2 fan realizes their Echo Dot is basically an IRL Ghost and takes the next logical step

We don't have the technology to create a Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) Ghost yet, your own personal assistant who floats beside you and spouts off sarcastic comments when you're feeling a bit too Silent Protagonist-y to make them yourself. But one Reddit user (opens in new tab) took the initiative to make Amazon Echo Dot, the AI assistant that they already have in real life, far more Ghostly with a clever 3D printed shell. Now Amazon just needs to put out a Nolan North Echo voice pack and the transformation will be complete.

It's a two-piece design that cradles the Dot inside, with the controls and glowing ring facing outward. You can even pretend the light-up ring is your Ghost's eye. The first version of the Ghost is all white, but creator Blostafarian says they'll add some color once they start playing Destiny 2 and decide on their favorite shell design.

I'm hoping this sets off an avalanche of Destiny-themed everyday object cosplay. I mean, if it wasn't completely impractical to carry a giant pointy cube thing around in my pocket, I'd want a Ghost Shell for a phone case too. Anything that I can talk to, really. Maybe a Ghost helmet for my cat? And the little floating balls o' light work great as candle holders (opens in new tab).

While I consider more things that I could potentially affix Ghost-like hunks of plastic to, make sure you read our Destiny 2 review (opens in new tab) in progress and check out some of the changes that Bungie is making from the Destiny 2 beta (opens in new tab).

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