These official Destiny scented candles will let you know what Spinmetal and Wormspore smell like

On your 778th patrol mission through Destiny's Dreadnaught, you're bound to start wondering what the place smells like. Well, Wormspore, obviously, but what does that smell like? Sniff apprehensively no more, these official Destiny scented candles finally have the answer for us: "spicy and smoky". So not at all like ancient decay!

Each candle in the five-piece set has a scent inspired by the game's planetary harvestables. Ergo the Earth candle is Spinmetal, which, if your Guardian were to remove their helmet and take a big whiff, apparently smells like a "fresh aromatic blend of cut cedarwood and sandalwood infused with a sweet pine and warm resinous accords, mossy earthy tones in the base". Dang, if I knew Spinmetal smelled that good I wouldn't have wasted so much of it upgrading low-level junk. The candles will start shipping out in early September.

View product: Five Destiny planet-scented candles for $39.99 at Amazon
View product: Five Destiny planet-scented candles for £24.99 at Amazon UK

Or for the complete aromatic Destiny experience, you can pick them up in a bundle with this Ghost candle holder. Got a (little) light?

View product: Destiny candles and Ghost candle holder for for $56.99 at Amazon
View product: Five Destiny planet-scented candles for £39.99 at Amazon UK 

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