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Demonstrators rally against Black Ops event at library

Apparently someone declared world peace, because the Sacramento chapter of Veterans for Peace protested a fake war - a Call of Duty: Black Ops event - ata public library last Saturday.

Protesters stood outside the library during the event (a warm-up in preparation for a December 11 tournament) holding signs with slogans like %26ldquo;No Library War Games,%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;War is not worth one of my grandchildren. How about yours?%26rdquo;

Veterans for Peace, along with several other groups, including Grandmothers for Peace, Progressive Democrats, Sacramento Area Peace Action, Wellstone Democrats, the Green Party, and the Peace %26amp; Freedom Party lodged their protests prior to the event.

%26ldquo;We have had three unproductive meetings with the library director and her staff. We decided to involve Sacramento people and host of other organizations who support us to protest in the midst of the video gaming session,%26rdquo; said VFP chapter president John Reiger.

The library, which feels that these game-focused events promote a sense of community amongst youth who might otherwise turn towards illegal activities, responded by constructing a display of books that have been condemned or banned by various organizations for their content, including Ralph Ellison's The Invisible Man, Harry Potter, and the Bible.

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Nov 30, 2010