Dark Souls 3 boss guide - how to defeat every top tier enemy

Dancer of the Boreal Valley 

Remember when you fought Vordt back at the High Wall of Lothric? Well now you get to fight another beast from his hometown: the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. (Hopefully you didn’t initiate this fight without a break from Aldrich, like I did!)

The Dancer of the Boreal Valley is quite nimble with a blade, but she’s more deliberate than most of the swordsman you encounter in this game. She’ll leave plenty of opportunity for attack as she tiptoes around (pro tip: poison damage really helps here). But when does attack, watch out: her fire sword does pretty have damage. She may sweep it, slam it, or stab with it, all of which you can avoid by sticking close and rolling to her side or rear. If she squats to place an ember into the ground, back off, as it will quickly explode with fire damage. And if she spins with her blade touching the ground, back off here too; the circle she traces will shoot up with flames as well. Finally, she may lurch forward and try to grab you. This is her deadliest move, so make sure you roll out of her clutches.

Once she’s down to about 75% health, the Dancer will squat and withdraw a magic sword from the ground. During this phase, her attacks do even more damage. She also gains a new attack, where she whirls around the arena swinging both blades. This doesn’t last long, so dodge backward and wait for her to stop spinning. If she squats during this phase, you should keep your distance, as a dark, damaging cloud will emerge from the ground around her.

The Dancer of the Boreal Valley looks pretty fearsome, but she’s thankfully less chaotic with her weapons than some other bosses. Don’t get too greedy with your own attacks, avoid hers, and you’ll knock this dancer down.

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Dancer of the Boreal Valley
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Champion Gundyr (Optional)
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Ancient Wyvern (Optional)
Nameless King (Optional)
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