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Cyberpunk 2077 looks dangerous and beautiful in these exclusive images from OXM

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

You've seen the neon-lit streets and cityscapes of Cyberpunk 2077, now it's time to head down for a look into the city's dangerous underbelly. GamesRadar+ sister publication OXM got two exclusive new images for the game for the latest issue of the magazine, and we're excited to be able to share them with you right here. They're dark, threatening, and beautiful to behold.

The first image shows main character V astride a motorcycle, one leg down for support as they survey the little world beneath an overpass.

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

There's a car fire to the right that nobody is especially worried about. That red plastic lawn chair seems to have the situation under control (also I'm happy to see that we still have plastic lawn chairs in the future). People are milling or laying around idly and there's a sign in the background that reads "Aliens kidnapped my wife and kids, help me celebrate". At least the folks living under the heel of corporate oppression still have their sense of humor.

The other image is set from the first-person perspective of V as they stalk a silhouetted figure. V has a nanowire stretched out and at the ready, likely to garrote their soon-to-be victim.

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

On top of the low-tech utility of collapsing people's airways quickly and silently, nanowires can be used to hack into cyberware remotely, letting you override your victims' systems as they watch in helpless terror. You can also whip your nanowires around to slice people into little bits, since nanowires are extremely thin. I worry how that neon glow might compromise a nanowire's usefulness in stealth situations, but the style value is unimpeachable. Just add a stubbly man staring into the middle distance and this screenshot is as good as one of those blue-and-orange movie posters.

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