Crackdown 2 video achievement guide

Take over every Cell Stronghold location in the game. There are 27 in total that are all marked with a big honkin red C. Call in the chopper when you reach them and clear out all the enemies that show up.

Mosh Pit
Gamerpoints: 10
Land 20 successful hand-to-hand attacks in a chain. Under 3 secs between attacks to chain them.

Easiest way is to grab a weapon such as a pole or a sign and jump into a crown of Freaks and go nuts. Beat and bash everything that comes near you and as long as you don’t sit around between hits, you’ll get this without issues.

Open up a Can
Gamerpoints: 10
Kill 5 enemies with a single gas cylinder.

Another easy achievement to add to the collection. Just grab a gas cylinder, the long, slender, orange canisters and carry it to a crowd. Drop it on the ground and let the enemies crowd around it. Use manual aiming, not the left trigger, and shoot the tank. See the BOOM and those that were close enough will light up and you’ll get your cheevo.

Party Bus
Gamerpoints: 10
Four Agents; one driver and three gunners, on a Battle Bus. Must jump through a Vehicle Stunt Ring.

The description pretty much sums it up.

Pebble Dash
Gamerpoints: 10
From the top of full-height Agency Tower, leap into the chimney stack and live to tell the tale.

Take a chopper all the way to the top of Agency Tower – to the highest spire. Look out towards the city and directly below you will be the opening of a smoke stack. Leap off and fall all the way down, watching you don’t hit the sides at all. Make sure you land square in the water at the bottom, not on the outside edge. For some reason when you land in the water, you will still die, but you will still get the achievement – regardless of what the description says.

Pest Control
Gamerpoints: 10
Clear out and close down a Freak Breach, alone or with another Agent.

There are 25 breaches spread around the city, but for this achievement, you’ll only need to shut down one of them. Simply kill all the Freaks that come pouring out until the yellow bar is empty and air support will come along to finish the job.

Pile Driver
Gamerpoints: 10
Kill 5 enemies with a single Ground Strike.

Another easy as pie achievement that you can get without even breaking a sweat. For the ground strike, you’ll need to reach level 5 Strength, but once you do, just jump in the air and press B on your way down. Jump into a crowd and do the ground strike and you’ll easily nail at least 5 enemies.

Pin Cushion
Gamerpoints: 10
Use Harpoon Gun to pin 5 enemies to a single vehicle.

Once you get the use of the harpoon gun, find some cell soldiers – preferably some that get out of a car – and not the Freaks. Shoot them once to nail them against the car you want to use and either wait for more to show up, or drive the car- with the enemies attached- to find more. When you do, again, nail them to the car and once you have 5 hanging, you’ll get the cheevo.

Plugged In
Gamerpoints: 50
Locate and activate every Absorption Unit in Pacific City, alone or with another Agent.

Like the Tactical Locations, there are 27 Absorption Units around the city. You will need to activate all of them to move the story along.