Crackdown 2 video achievement guide

There are hard ways to do this and there is the easy way. The easy way is to stick a car with magnet grenades and then tether it between two buildings so that it is strung up above the ground. Once it’s hanging up, you and a buddy just need to alternate shooting it with the UV Shotgun back and forth to get the achievement. GENIUS!

First Hurdle
Gamerpoints: 20
Survive Agent Diagnostics and earn deployment into Pacific City.

This is basically the tutorial for the game. Once you get through the basic intro of your character, the achievement will pop.

First Rung of the Ladder
Gamerpoints: 10
Find and collect an Agility Orb

Easy Peasy. Grab your first green floating orb. The first of many, many that you will be collecting. Enjoy the beginning of your addiction.

Get Connected
Gamerpoints: 20
Locate and activate an Absorption Unit, alone or with another Agent.

Again, another achievement that is simply part of the story. When you reach and activate the first Absorption Unit, you’ll get the 20 points.

Green Bay Savior
Gamerpoints: 50
Detonate every Beacon in Green Bay, alone or with another Agent.

A storyline achievement. You’ll receive it on your way to completing the game.

Hope Springs Savior
Gamerpoints: 50
Detonate every Beacon in Hope Springs, alone or with another Agent.

A storyline achievement. You’ll receive it on your way to completing the game.

Hidden orbs are usually –hidden? Sorry. No – they are usually just in out of the way places, not hidden so much. They show up blue on your min map when you ping it. Just grab one and you’ll get the achievement.

In the Net
Gamerpoints: 10
Catch an Agility Renegade Orb or Driving Renegade Orb.

These orbs can be nasty buggers early on. These are the orbs that will run away from you when you get close to them. The key to getting them is to intercept their path and cut them off. The driving orbs can be a little easier for your first one, as opposed to the jumping agility orbs.

Jack of all Trades
Gamerpoints: 20
Complete one of every objective type in Pacific City.

When you complete one of each of the 13 different objectives in the game, you’ll get this. As long as you spend a lot of time in the game, you’ll get this just from play time.

King of the World
Gamerpoints: 50
Find and collect every Agility Orb in Pacific City.

This is one doozy of a challenge. There are 500 agility orbs scattered about the city, both high and low. Keep using the ping of your mini-map to know if you are near some, or just Check out our handy Agility orb guide!

Light Bringer
Gamerpoints: 20
Detonate every Beacon in Pacific City, alone or with another Agent.

An Achievement that is part of the storyline. You’ll get it when you come to it.

LIVE and let LIVE
Gamerpoints: 10
Collect every Online Orb in Pacific City.

There are plenty of grey orbs that you’ll see during while playing solo that you – as the announced will tell you over and over and over – need another player to be able to get.