Condemned 2, more announced

On top of the many demos Sega delivered in its press day this morning (check the news sections for more), the company also announced three new titles that'll bolster its lineup over the next year. The first and most exciting of the three is Condemned 2: Bloodshot, a sequel to one of the 360's better launch games due early next year. Underneath the original's unsettling and depressing atmosphere was a truly enticing gameplay experience just waiting for you to explore - if you like crawling through sewers and bludgeoning homeless people in an Oblivion-style setup, that is. Expect the game to hit 360 and PS3 next year.

Bloodshot was accompanied by a hilarious trailer packed with such one-liners as "I believe in two things: They're fists, and they're both mine." It all served the greater purpose of immersing us in a world underneath the one we all know, filled with unspeakable horrors lurking in the darkness. It's not all total horror, though, as there's an ongoing criminal investigation. You'll use forensics to find evidence and move further along the path, probably running into some mutated beasts along the way. There are still mutated beasts in the sewers, right? It's been a while since we've crawled down there.

Secondly, Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games has teamed up with Sega to produce a new RPG for the PC. No name was given, no trailer shown, just the news. With a pedigree that includes the highly-successful Dungeon Siege series, we're pretty damn sure this one'll turn out fine.

And lastly, there's going to be a downloadable game about Happy Tree Friends. You know, those cute little guys that stab each other's hearts out and melt faces on fast-food fryers. Gameplay was described as Lemmings meets Itchy & Scratchy. It'll hit XBLA and PC in download-only form this Fall.

As for other Sega news, check out updated blips on The Club,NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams,Universe at War: Earth AssaultandSonic Rush Adventure.

May 10, 2007