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COMPO Doctor Who: Hornet's Nest

Win! Six sets of the complete five-disc audio-adventure up for grabs

Tom Baker’s innings as The Doctor may have come to an end in the early ’80s (Dimensions In Time aside nit-pickers), but the Fourth Doctor’s adventures in time and space haven’t come to an end just yet thanks to five-part audio adventure Hornet’s Nest.

Written by acclaimed Who-scribe Paul Magrs, Hornet’s nest find Baker’s fourth Doctor reunited with his old acquaintance Mike Yates. Trapped by a horde of vicious winged nasties in an apparently innocuous English country cottage it soon becomes clear that the pair – and ultimately the Earth - are facing an enemy of unimaginable power and horrific intent. Bet he regrets forgetting to pack the flyswatter.

The five-volume series finds The Doctor chased by animated dolls through a model house, forced to take part in a deadly circus, sent back to the Dark Ages and miniaturised for a mission into the heart of the Hornet’s Nest. Business as usual then for one of Who’s most popular take on the Timelord.

Hornet’s Nest is the first time Tom Baker has reprised the role of the Doctor in an original full length story since Logopolis. One for the ages and any self-respecting Who fanatic then, even if your exposure to Who is limited to tales on the goggle box. The complete Hornet’s Nest boxset is available now courtesy of Audiogo and retails for £50, but you can win one of six copies for nought in our splendid giveaway. To win answer the following simple question .

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