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Commander Keen 1-3 Cheats

Commander Keen 1-3 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    God mode

    ALT-2-ENTER: enables cheat mode.

    F10-G: toggles god mode.
    F10-W: level skip.
    F10-J: high jump.
    F10-N: toggles no clipping mode.
    F10-I: grants free items.
    F10-T: displays sprite test.
    F10-D: records a demo.
    F10-V: adds a VLB.
    F10-M: displays memory usage information.
    F10-E: restarts the game.
    F10-S: toggles slow motion.
    F10-Y: toggles weird visual mode.
    F10-C: grants mega stats.
    Press C+T+SPACE: grants the pogo stick, all key cards and ray gun charges.
    SHIFT+TAB: press in map mode to bypass a city.