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Comic Heroes Issue 4

We take a trip with the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen in Century: 1969

On sale Tuesday December 14th.

Freebies galore

There’s an impressive haul of free gifts this month, including the latest instalment of our Sidekick sampler comic (featuring some classic Jack Kirby and the forthcoming The Infinite Vacation from Image comics), the complete first issue of Stan Lee's The Traveler from Boom! Studios (complete with exclusive cover) and three Jack Kirby art postcards. We really do spoil you…

The League takes a trip

Turning the cover in to a psychedelic masterpiece this month, we catch up with artist Kevin O’Neil as he talks about the much-anticipated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969 , and take a sneak peek at some unlettered pages from the book.

French dressing

French fabulist Moebius gets the full profile treatment by comics historian Paul Gravett.

Best of British

Comic artist Lew Stringer takes a stroll down memory lane with Britain's forgotten superheroes.

21 st century boy

Warren Ellis thinks long and hard about the future of digital comics.

Don’t miss:

-Interviews with Bryan Hitch, Adi Granov, Paul Levitz and Mark Waid.

-Walt Simonson reminiscing about his classic run on Thor (plus the ten essential Thor stories you must read!).

-The art of Adam Hughes.

-The second part of How To Draw For Comics , in which a wealth of industry talent - including Dave Gibbons, Chris Weston and Mike Perkins - tell you how to do it.

Rated: Grandville Mon Amour , At The Mountains of Madness , 100 Days , Absolute All Star Superman , American Vampire and much, much more...

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