Killzone 2: Boss FAQ by Carlo Ravelli (e-mail: Version: Boss3 Date: 6-MAR-2009 Copyright 2009 Carlo Ravelli -----------------| Table of contents| -----------------| -Introduction [INTRO] -Legal -Version History & Updates -Credits -The Guide [GUIDE] -Blood Meridian [-BM-] -Visari Square [-VS-] -Salamun Bridge [-SB-] -Tharsis Refinery [-TR-] -Cruiser [-CR-] -Visari Palace [-VP-] -Additional Tips [ADDIT] -Final Word [FINAL] -Contact [CONTA] [INTRO] ------------| Introduction| ------------| This is just a small guide to beating the bosses in Killzone 2, for any of you having trouble with them. There aren't that many bosses, but they can be pretty hard to kill if you don't know how, or just find it too hard. I will try to explain how to do something as good as I can, to help all of you finish the singleplayer of this excellent game. Note that I write as if you play this game on "Veteran" difficulty. -----| Legal| -----| This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission to me, Carlo Ravelli. If permission is given, you may NOT edit this guide in any way. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This guide may only be viewed and printed from the websites listed in the Credits list. -------------------------| Version History & Updates| -------------------------| -Boss1 Date: 27-FEB-2009 Info: First version Updates: *None! -Boss2 Date: 3-MAR-2009 Info: Small updated version Updates: *The Maelstra Barrens Heavy is actually in Visari Palace. *Final Word and Contact sections didn't have quicksearch tags -Boss3 Date: 6-MAR-2009 Info: Small updated version Updated: *Extra help against Radec's personal guard *Added four hosts --------| Credits | --------| - For hosting my guide -Guerrilla Games - For being Dutch, and making the best shooter I've ever played in my whole gaming life! -The people who mailed me to correct and improve this guide - for hosting my guide - for hosting my guide - for hosting my guide - for hosting my guide [GUIDE] ---------| The Guide| ---------| --- [-BM-] Blood Meridian --- -Blood Meridian Heavy Difficulty: Very Easy Trophy: Under 90 seconds Oh no, a giant helghast just obliterated an ISA soldier! Don't be afraid, he isn't that bad. Along with him are two helghast soldiers, who can easily be taken out throwing a grenade at them, although you should save those for the big guy. Figuring out how to beat him is hard at first, but try tossing a grenade at him. Huh, he's got three little gas tanks on his back.When you see these, fire at them with all you've got, as the Heavy will turn his back away from you in a couple of seconds. At veteran difficulty, 2 clips of both sides' assault rifle should do the job. The easiest is to throw a grenade at the metal man without cooking it, running towards it, and shooting the tanks on his back from a distance of 10 metres, so you won't miss. BOOM! Finally, this thing is done. Continue to the next part of the level for some MG kick-ass! --- [-VS-] Visari Square --- -Visari Square Twin Heavies Difficulty: Easy Trophy: None What's worse than a Helghast Heavy? Two of these big spacemen! They come during the second or third wave (not sure) of the "Defend VS" mission at Visari Square. There are two machineguns at your disposal that make this job easier, but the amount of elite helghast troops make it harder. When you focus on the Heavies they sneak up to you, so make sure you kill the small men first. Now, the Heavies. Killing them can be done by turning them around, but you don't have enough nades, nor is the distance between you and the biggies close enough to make a well placed toss. Mount the machinegun and go berserk on one heavy's head. After a while he should turn around and you can then blow his tanks. The second Heavy can then be done with either the MG or grenades. Shouldn't be a problem. --- [-SB-] Salamun Bridge --- -Salamun Bridge ATAC Difficulty: Medium/Hard Trophy: Under 90 seconds You and Garza saw this thing before at the Arc Tower! Now, it's time for revenge, as this thing nearly killed you before. However, this time you're on your own. Run down the stairs and into the tunnel as soon as you can make a move, and grab the rocket launcher, but don't fire it yet. See those blue lights? Wait untill the ATAC is just above one of those and fire at the light with your M4 revolver. Wow, it gets electrocuted! Now, for even more fireworks, launch a rocket at it. Now, get back to your revolver and wait until the ATAC hovers above another of those blue light things. Repeat as before, and you should be done with this pesky drone inside 90 seconds. If you keep dying, you should just hug the wall of the tunnel, so the ATAC can't see you. --- [-TR-] Tharsis Refinery --- -Tharsis Refinery Arc Trooper Difficulty: Very Easy Trophy: Under 90 seconds Hmm....what's that helghast up to....Oh, he opened the gate for his buddy! There's someone with a nice little toy! The Arc Trooper has an Electricity Gun! If he gets close to you, he can kill you very quickly, so be sure to stay far away from him. Lucky for you, there are no other Helghast troops firing at you. He has tanks on his back, just like the Heavies have.But how do I get this piece of armor to turn around, my grenades don't do the job! Well, after a couple of seconds, you hear Rico tell you what you need to do. See the conveyor line above the arena? The cylinder-shaped objects that make use of this conveyor line are the key to making the Arc Trooper fall on his knees, so you can shoot the tanks on his back. Just make sure the enemy is underneath one of the heavy things and you aren't when you shoot it! --- [-CR-] Cruiser --- -Cruiser Heavy Difficulty: Medium Trophy: None Uh-oh, yet another Heavy. This one is the hardest to defeat, as 3 Helghast with flamethrowers and some gunners are with the fatty! The flamethrowers are just far enough away to reach you, but firing at them makes big daddy angry. How to solve this....Hmm, what about nades? Always save them for the big one. Machineguns? None in this area. Well, then the only thing left is a firefight. Try taking out the firemen first, as they are the most dangerous, because the flamethrowers spit flaming liquid fuel at you, not gas fuel. After you take these out, jump down and throw a nade at the Heavy, and destroy him. --- [-VP-] Visari Palace --- -Arc Cannon Heavy Difficulty: Easy Trophy: None You need to take down those four towers so the ISA can destroy that immense Arc Cannon. After you take down two or three towers, this heavy appears in the mid of the square. You can just get near him, but make sure you keep crouching as he is constantly looking at you. Toss a nade when you and him are in a straight line, and run for him! You know what to do, and as Natko would say, "**** him up!" --- -Radec Difficulty: Very Hard Trophy: Under 20 minutes There you go, finally inside Visari's palace. But before you can get to him, there's that bastard, Radec. It's time to take revenge. First, you'll be on the ground level, and troops will start coming from the north side of the building (assuming you came in at the south side), you'll just have to keep killing them. If you hear someone with a Helghan LMG, that's Radec, but ignore him for now. After a while, two flamethrower's appear behind you, so make sure you look around once in a while. After a couple of minutes, the balcony doors will open up, giving you more space and weaponry to play with. Trust me, the next part will frustrate you if you play on high difficulty. The first wave isn't too bad. Normal troops and a pair of flamethrowers, not a big deal. Look up and you'll see some chandoliers, if you throw a nade above them they'll drop and crush the helghast beneath them. If you don't want to waste your grenades, just keep them with you. After that, those Elite soldiers join the party. Keep close to a staircase if you want to kill them quickly (they'll come up the stairs), or stay close to Rico if you don't want to be backstabbed by aliens. Two more waves of normal and elite soldiers, then there will be rockets, explosions, and lots of curses! There'll be four Higs with VC9's firing at you, and being in minority, you'll always be the target. Equip yourself with a VC32 Sniper Rifle and head for the East or West "walls" near the staircases, and pop out to snipe one rocketeer a time. Repeat this and you'll be left alone with Radec before you know it. If this doesn't work, use the grenadelauncher you left behind, fire 6 shots into a corner to make sure you take out one or two rocketmen. Then run the U-turn and fire 6 shells at the other two grenademen. Now, clear the hall of all troops and Radec shall confront you. Radec is a man who likes to cheat. He has a teleporting device and lots of health, but he shouldn't be that hard to beat. Just make sure you keep looking around when he teleports somewhere, a blue light should indicate his next location. He sometimes teleports really close and is armed with his very lethal knife, so make sure you have a shotgun equiped for quick damage. Other times he spawns near a wall with his LMG, then let Rico do the work. After a while he'll start teleporting 5 times at once, which is meant to confuse you. Just keep turning around and make sure he doesn't stab you. When he's had enough, he'll teleport to the balcony where he came from, and you'll enjoy sniping him out of his misery. Well, not you... ENDING MOVIE I hoped you liked the game, and maybe I'll see you online! [ADDIT] ---------------| Additional Tips| ---------------| Some additional tips that always help Heavy's: Grenades. Heavy turns around. Shoot tank. Boom. ATAC: Just keep inside the tunnel, and watch out for the eventual rocket! Arc Trooper: Just stay out of his way Radec: Save the grenadelauncher in case you have a hard time killing the rocketmen, or maybe fire two shells when you see a Helghast group. Remember, shells explode when the first thing they hit is a Helghast body! [FINAL] ----------| Final Word| ----------| I had a fun time playing Killzone 2's Single Player, and I hope I'll manage to do the same with Elite difficulty (wish me luck!). Multiplayer will keep me playing for a long time, and I'll think back to the time, that time I played this wonderful game, made by my own country..... Also, thanks for reading, and make sure you kick some Helghast ass! [CONTA] -------| Contact| -------| Please, if you have a question, send me a message! E-mail: ENGLISH : DUTCH : (MSN adress)</p>