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Call of Duty: Black Ops Pro Perk Challenge Guide

If earning CoD points, leveling up, and buying bigger guns weren’t enough to keep you saying “one more match” until 4 a.m., the addictive online gameplay of Black Ops is further bolstered by challenge-locked pro perks designed to eat up plenty of your time. We’ve got some advice on how to efficiently complete the trickier challenges without ripping your hair out in frustration and yelling into your headset obscenities that would make George Carlin blush. We’ve already got plenty of that out there.

Disclaimer – employing some of the following tactics may or may not annoy the crap out of your teammates. Muting is highly recommended.


Destroy Aircraft: Destroy 30 aircraft with any non-Killstreak launcher.

30 aircraft may seem like a lot, but as long as you keep the Strela-3 launcher in your secondary slot at all times, you can make short work of this challenge. When you play any of the team-based matches, the opposing force will end up using several spy planes, care package helicopters, and attack choppers over the course of one game. The Strela-3 locks onto aircraft and carries 2 rockets. Enemy spy planes can be taken down with a single shot, but the other flyers require two – one to deplete the defensive flare and one to destroy the aircraft.

Destroy Sentry Gun: Destroy 1 Sentry Gun.

If you haven’t completed this task by chance during normal match play, you may have to orchestrate the perfect circumstance. Change one of your Killstreak rewards to Sentry Gun, and enter a team based battle. Once you earn the Sentry Gun Killstreak, make sure to throw the smoke signal somewhere that will tempt the enemy into picking up the dropped package. Keep your eyes on the enemy that ends up picking up the Sentry Gun, or use the Hacker perk to detect where the gun is deployed. Once you finally track the turret down, use your knife to knock it down from behind. Anyone else think you deserve an achievement/trophy for that?


Fast Hands Kills: Reload and finish off the enemy you wounded 10 times.

Above: Notice the government issued butterfly

You only need to put one shot into an enemy in order for the game to consider them ‘wounded’ in this case. A good strategy is to equip an SMG and play some free for all on the smaller maps (especially Nuketown or Firing Range). If you have the drop on an enemy (they don’t see you but you see them) it is very easy to put one or two rounds into them, reload (Sleight of Hand + SMG will have you reloading in the blink of an eye), then finish them off.


Plants: Plant the bomb 10 times in Demolition, Sabotage, or Search & Destroy.

This is one of those challenges that would normally come in time, but who likes to wait? The trick is to hide near the target area during Demolition and stay quiet. After the bomb is initially armed, wait close to the area and allow the enemy to disarm the bomb. Now either wait for the enemy to move away, or swoop in and kill them. You can then re-arm the bomb. Rinse and repeat. You may not have success every time but as long as you allow the enemy to continually disarm the bomb while you keep a low profile nearby you’ll have completed this challenge in no time. This tactic works well on Array or on Grid as seen above. You can follow these tips to accomplish the Demolished challenge for Flak Jacket pro as well.