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Bond 23 could already be back on track

James Bond

James Bond could soon be back at a bar with a Martini, according to long-time Bond movie composer David Arnold.

With MGM’s bankruptcy re-organisation plan finally approved by a Manhattan judge, MGM are finally able to start making movies again with new studio bosses Gary barber and Roger Birnbaum.

“Today’s ruling is an important milestone for MGM,” says MGM Co-Chief Executive Officer Stephen Cooper “Thanks to the support of our lenders and the hard work of our employees, we have moved through the restructuring process quickly.”

And it seems that composer David Arnold has already been given the nod to brace himself for a blizzard of Bond activity.

“We only just got the news that we’re back on,” Arnold tells Film Music Magazine , “But ‘there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip’. So I will keep quiet until I get a script and then start writing ideas.

“I just hope the next one is as good as my favourites, as I think everyone does. And I’m always interested in what Daniel Craig brings to the part. But like most things with movies, if it ain’t on the page etc… All I can say is that I’m looking forward to a great script for it, alongside every other Bond fan in the world!”

Will Sam Mendes be back to direct, after being forced to abandon ship earlier this year? Keeping with the second hand sources, Mendes' ex-wife Kate Winslet seems to think he's back on.

"Sam is doing the next Bond film, all being well," she tells The Daily Mail , "and we’ll all be in England if that happens. It’s such a massive commitment for him and it’s not fair for him to commute backwards and ­forwards to New York from ­London."