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Blur beta key giveaway

Wow! You guys were sure hungry for beta keys - we've already given out all 50. Hey, you can still be ourFacebook friendorfollow us on Twitter- there are plenty more giveaways and contests to come!

Want a Blur beta key? 'Course ya do! Don't pour it into a plant, you silly 5% who got that Zork reference, play it! We've got 50 codes to give away, and winning one is as easy as moving your mouse around on your screen and typing things on your keyboard.

Above: Get your streaky lights on in Blur - seeour latest preview

How to Win

  1. Head toGamesRadar's Facebook fan page.
  2. If you're not already a fan of our illustrious website (shame!), become one.
  3. Find the Blur beta key discussion (just hit the "Discussions" tab) and leave a comment. The first 50 commenters will receive a code. For extra brownie points, you can tell us how much you love us.

Claiming your beta key

If you're one of our 50 winners, we'll send you a private message on Facebook with your code. The code is NOT the beta key! You must enter the codeat The beta begins March 8th.

Mar 2, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer