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"Biggest waste of 16 Sunday nights in the history of modern television"– The internet reacts to The Walking Dead season 8 finale

Phew. The Walking Dead season 8 finale has been and gone. We finally got some closure: the Rick/Negan war is over; Eugene finally showed his true colours, and, yep, I think everyone is sorta done with the show now. Spoilers follow…

The war is over...

Who won? Rick (kinda, we’ll get to that later). Negan fell for the ol’ stalling routine instead of introducing Rick to his old pal Lucille and got a slit throat for his troubles. And then he survived. As you do. And, no, because this exact thing happened in the comics isn’t an excuse. Stop. Dragging. Things. Out.

Eugene saves the day

At least we got some half-decent character development. Yay for competent writing! Eugene turned on the Saviors in a move so telegraphed that the ‘previously on…’ segment should’ve just been ten seconds of flashing text letting us all know Eugene isn’t on Negan’s side. It gave us some cool visuals at least, with the Saviors all dropping one-by-one.

Morgan's gone for good?

He’s on Fear the Walking Dead (which premiered its fourth season on Sunday) now, but is everyone’s favourite stickman actually gone for good in the main TWD-verse? Probably. At least he went back to his pacifist roots before we waved goodbye to him.

Maggie's a baddie

One of the few interesting things to come out of the finale was Maggie going all Boardwalk Empire and turning the tables on Rick. Along with Daryl and Jesus (why does Jesus hate Rick? Find out in season 33!), Maggie seems to be leading the charge against Rick.

We're all back for season 9... right? Guys?

Because I’m not. Bye.

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