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The biggest PS4 games that'll eat up your hard drives with hundreds of gigabytes

Battlefield 1 - 52GB

War is clearly a big deal, as Battlefield 1 marks the second game in the series to show up on this list. At 52GB, it doesn’t quite yet match the sky-high magnitude of its predecessor, but DICE’s WW1 shooter could well be on its way to overtaking Battlefield 4’s franchise record, as a handful of expansions and updates are due to release over the course of the next few months. Any committed Battlefield 1 veterans should therefore be keeping a watchful eye on their PS4 memory banks, because the game’s digital dimensions are only going to keep expanding from here on out.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - 52GB

First Doom and now this… what is it about Bethesda’s rebooted first-person shooters that generates so much artificial mass? Fun fact: the original Wolfenstein 3D was only 8 megabytes in size. Wolfenstein: The New Order is… quite a bit larger, coming in at an impressive 52GB. Hypothetically speaking, you could install Wolfenstein 3D over 6500 times on a PlayStation 4 before taking up the same amount of space as The New Order. Wolfenstein: The New Order isn’t quite as weighty as 2016’s Doom, then, but it’s a whopper nonetheless.

Mafia 3 - 53GB

Dismantling a city-wide organised crime network using any means necessary is a tall order, and Mafia 3 has no trouble matching the scale of its ambition with its install criteria. To explore, enjoy and generally wreak havoc in New Bordeaux, your PlayStation 4’s HDD is going to have to set aside over 45GB in storage space, and that’s not including the extra seven gigabytes worth of memory brought in from recent patches and DLC drops. Mafia 3 was a bit of a mess on PS4 at launch, and Hangar 13 has since pumped several patches into the game to fix it up, but that’s come at the expense of even more memory hogging up the console’s hard drive. 

The Last of Us Remastered - 47GB

“You have no idea what loss is” states Joel, rather bluntly, to Ellie at one point during Naughty Dog’s storied apocalypse tale. Oh I think I do, Joel. As it happens, I’ve lost almost 50 gigabytes of my hard drive space just so I can play this very game. The Last of Us’ original PS3 release came in at just under 30GB, which means those extra 17 gigs on PS4 are there to either accommodate Ellie-focused DLC ‘Left Behind’ or beef up the game’s already immaculate visuals. To Naughty Dog’s credit, it’s almost worth plugging in an external hard drive just to enjoy The Last Of Us’ breathtaking views alone.

Kingdom Hearts Hd 1.5+2.5 Remix - 56GB

(Image credit: Square-Enix)

Add 1.5 and 2.5 together and what do you make? Approximately 56, according to Square Enix, as the company’s remastered package of various Kingdom Hearts games and cinematics combines to precisely that number of gigabytes in memory. 10GB of that data, mind you, is dedicated solely to the free theatre mode update, which lets players view all of the in-game cut-scenes away from any of the gameplay. Yep, that’s 10GB of HDD storage gone for a feature which essentially does what YouTube has already been doing for years. Thanks, Square. 

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