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Hideo Kojima just previewed new Death Stranding footage and the Internet is going bonkers for babies and peeing

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Hideo Kojima rolled up to Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live at Gamescom with two new Death Stranding character trailers and one gameplay trailer that left us all wondering WTF is going on. We met a new character played by Margaret Qualley (Once upon a Time in Hollywood) whose name is Mama. She breastfeeds a ghost baby (yup). We also got an extended look at Guillermo del Toro's Dead Man Character that shows him referring to the babies attached to every character as... BBs (yup). 

The uncut gameplay footage reveals Norman Reedus' character emptying his bladder (yup) and introduces us to a character named The Ludens Fan, who is played by Geoff Keighley (yup). Naturally, the Internet is going bananas, and we've got the best reactions here:

I just needed "clear understanding of what Death Stranding is about" and I would have had Bingo...

So, about the peeing. The gameplay shows Norman Reedus' character waking up from a nap and promptly peeing on the ground. His pee stream causes a golden mushroom to grow from the soil.

The Norman Peedus footage caused an uproar online, and this Tweet just fanned the flames...

The Geoff Keighley cameo caused just as much of a sensation as the pee, believe it or not.

Other people were confused about the gameplay footage, which didn't show much gameplay.

If you were interested in Hideo Kojima's relationship with his mother before this, the reveal that the babies are called Bridge Babies or BBs didn't help and a breastfeeding ghost baby will drive you mad with curiosity.

And my personal favorite due to its clever use of my current favorite meme, Idris Elba on Hot Ones...

Consider us officially baffled, but engrossed, which is probably exactly what Hideo Kojima wants. 

Death Stranding is set to release on November 8 on PS4. 

Making Death Stranding is apparently turning HIdeo Kojima into a tired, lonely insect, which could explain why this game looks so damn weird.

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