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Inside Batman #118 and Bruce Wayne's decision to leave Gotham City

Batman #118 variant cover
Batman #118 variant cover (Image credit: Jock (DC))

A new era for the Dark Knight begins in December 7's Batman #118 - he's leaving his hometown of Gotham City, and doing it with an all-new creative team for his titular book.

Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Molina will be taking over from the Batman title's current creative team just after the finale of the current 'Fear State' event, which will spell out how and why Bruce Wayne has decided to leave Gotham City.

Unfinished page from Batman #118 (Image credit: Jorge Molina (DC))

"Yeah, he’s leaving Gotham. After Fear State, he has a plan to leave for certain reasons. And then he’s hesitant, he has a moment where he’s hesitant to leave. And then something happens and it’s a mission he has to go on, it’s a case, and he’s like ‘I have to leave,'" Williamson told The Comics Beat. "And so he leaves to take care of that case. And he leaves Gotham in the hands of other people, and there’s a big story next year about that, about what’s going on in Gotham while he’s gone. But then I get to do a bunch of stories with him outside of Gotham for a bit."

A key part of that case will be a major new DC villain called the Abyss. Williamson says that this antagonist know "how to use the darkness to manipulate and scare people" just as Batman is prone to do, but more.

"I think people will be surprised the direction the stuff with the Abyss goes," Williamson says. "He’s only in #118 [a] little bit and then he’ll be in 119, 120, 121, but I think people will be surprised with the way he’s introduced. It will be kind of a surprising thing. But yeah, he uses darkness as a tool. Not like a Shadow Thief kind of way, you’ll see when we’re getting in there. It’s a different way."

Molina has drawn the main cover to Batman #118, and will be joined with variant covers by Francesco Mattina, Viktor Bogdanovic, and Jock. Check them out here:

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Batman #118

(Image credit: DC)

Batman #118 covers

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Batman #118

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Batman #118

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Batman #118

(Image credit: Jock (DC))

Your eyes aren't fooling you - that Batman #118 variant cover by Bogdanovic pays homage to a classic Spider-Man cover by Todd McFarlane.

Batman #118 goes on sale on December 7.

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