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Australian kid rescues mum using Nintendo DS after kangaroo crash nightmare

Admittedly this story is only loosely video game related, but I wasn't about to pass on the chance of writing a headline that contained the words 'kangaroo crash nightmare'. This is what happened:

Seven year old Australian Christopher Miszkowiec put his Nintendo DS Lite to good use when the car he and his family were travelling in hit a kangaroo and rolled three times. It was the middle of the night, so Christopher used the light from his DS to help him see in the dark. His mum was unconscious in the vehicle and, assisted by the handheld's luminance, Christopher was able to free her from her seat.

Above: This is Roger. He is from Tekken. Besides being a kangaroo, he has nothing to do with this story

For his bravery, Christopher received an Ambulance Victoria Community Hero award. Christopher's mum promptly changed her tune about her son's love for his Nintendo machine:

"It used to annoy me because every morning he'd wake me up and go 'Mum, can we play the DS? Can we play the DS?'," she "I'd never dream of taking anything away from him now. He deserves everything he gets." I suspect she may very well revise that carefree attitude when she sees the launch price of the 3DS.

There's no news yet on the well-being of the crashed into kangaroo.

Oct 26, 2010

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