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An Xbox One controller sponge cake is coming to the UK this September

(Image credit: Xbox)

A very tasty new Xbox One controller is coming to select retailers in the UK this September. Why is it tasty, I hear you ask? Well, because it's made of sponge cake. 

As revealed by Head of Xbox Gear's John Friend on Twitter (via PureXbox), a cake shaped like an Xbox One controller is sweetening up the gaming scene later this year. Set to be available in Tesco and Asda sometime in September, the cake replica of a white Xbox One controller is nut-free with a sweet centre and raspberry jam. Complete with soft icing, it even comes in a box with the official Xbox logo and signature green colouring. 

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You can eat every inch of the controller with edible decals such as analog sticks, the D-Pad, home and menu buttons, and the classic Y, B, A, X buttons. Forget button mashing, it's time for button chewing. 

With the Xbox Series X set to arrive in Holiday 2020, it makes sense that this delightful treat doesn't feature the share button, which is a new feature set to debut on the upcoming next-gen controller. Even so, the detail on this dessert controller variant really is just the icing on the, well, cake. And who said peripherals can't also be made of sponge and jam? Sure, it's a one time use kind of controller, but it's certainly a feast for the eyes… and the belly. 

As you can see on the box, the cake is Official Xbox Gear, and I can just imagine it would certainly make any Xbox fan's birthday complete. Now all we need is a cake shaped like an Xbox One console to really sweeten the deal. 

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