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Find all the Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations and get the Vermin Extermination trophy / achievement

Oh those pesky Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations. There are 15 in total, including a couple of tricky ones you only get one chance to get, so finding them all and grabbing the Complete Vermin Extermination trophy or achievement isn't as simple as it might first look. 

Fortunately we've got them all listed here. Some only appear in Leon's campaign, some only in Claire's and, as mentioned, some appear in places you can only visit once. So you don't want to miss them, unless you're going for a second playthrough. Coming up we'll guide you through all the Resident Evil 2 Mr Raccoon locations so you can get them all as you play through.

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1. Police Station Firing Range, B1

You'll find the first Mr Raccoon in the basement of the police station. Head into the firing range and you'll find him at the back next to a target on the floor. 

2. Police Station Break Room, 1F

On the east side of the police station is an easy to miss Mr Raccoon. He's in the 3F break room tucked between the end of a bed and a bag, buy the sink, in the back room. 

3. Police Station Chief's office, 2F

The Mr Raccoon outside the chief's office is basically a freebie as it's impossible to miss - it's sat on a table right in front of the door just by the stairs. 

4. Police Station West Office, 1F

There's Mr Raccoon in the West Office of the Police Station where you find the 'Welcome Leon' sign. It's nestled quite high up though, on the top of some shelves, so it's easy to miss if you're not looking up all the time. 

5. Police Station, behind the Clock Tower, 3F

When you get to the Clock Tower on the third floor of the Police Station make sure you go through the door at the back. The corridor it leads to looks like a dead end but there's a Mr Raccoon tucked away on the windowsill at the far end. 

6. Police Station S.T.A.R.s Office, 2F

In the STARs office you'll find a Mr Raccoon tucked away on the opposite side of the room to the Armory. Just look between a cardboard box and a computer monitor to find it. 

7. Sewer, after the alligator fight (Leon's Campaign)

When you finally kill the giant alligator in the sewer your natural instinct might be to get as far as way as possible. But before you climb up the ladder check to your left for a Mr Raccoon. 

8. In the Incinerator Room (Leon's Campaign, while playing as Ada)

While playing as Ada you'll find a Mr Raccoon in the incinerator room to the right of the large door. It's on the floor between a pillar and a large white bag. 

9. Sewers, Near the Supplies Storage Room, Lower

At the top of the stairs between the Bottom Water Way and the Supplies Storage Room in the Sewers you'll find a Mr Raccoon in the corner. It's to the right of the blue wheelbarrow, hidden by the workbench. 

10. Cafeteria, Laboratory

The cafeteria in the Laboratory is hiding a Mr Raccoon around to the back, right of a blood splattered TV. head around to the right back towards the corridor you passed to get there, to reach it. 

11. Nap room, laboratory

There's a quite well hidden Mr Raccoon in the Laboratory's Nap room. You'll need the signal modulator to bring the power back online and open up the sleeping pods. When you do you'll find a weapon upgrade, a zombie and a Mr Raccoon in the pod furthest from the door. 

12. Police Station Entrance, 1F (Claire's campaign)

Almost as soon as you start Claire's campaign as a second play through you'll find a Mr Raccoon. He's in the bushes by the wall just before the left you take to meet Leon. 

13. Police Station East Storage Room, 3F (Claire's campaign)

In the East Storage Area there's a smaller room you can get into and in there you'll find a Mr Raccoon. He's hidden away on top of some boxes on the shelves. 

14. Bus dashboard, Behind RPD (Claire's campaign)

When you play as Claire you visit a few different areas, like a lager city area behind the Raccoon Police Department. As you explore you'll have to go through a bus and there you'll find a Mr Raccoon on the dashboard as you do.

 15. Orphanage Nursery, (Claire's campaign)

You'll actually see this Mr Raccoon when you play as Sherry Birkin but you won't be able to do anything about it then. Instead, when you finally reach the orphanage as Claire head up stairs and you can take it out then.

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